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RT500RF Programmable 5/2, 7 Day Digital Wireless Room Thermostat
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Salus RT500RF Programmable 5/2, 7 Day Digital Wireless Room Thermostat

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The RT500RF is ideal for use in situations where it is impractical to run wires between the thermostat location and other controls within the heating system for example circulating pumps, combi boilers, motorised valves etc.

Main Features
Industry standard wiring back plate.
Selectable volt free contacts.
Wireless communication via the RF receiver (included). With up to a 60m unobstructed range.
Selectable 7 day (daily) or 5/2 (week / weekend) programming schedule.
Built in factory start up programme for quick installation.
Battery powered thermostat with low battery replacement indicator. (the receiver is mains powered and usually located in close proximity to the equipment you wish to control)
Frost protection feature can be activated / deactivated to run should the temperature fall to or below 5 Deg C.
Large, blue back lit easy to read LCD
5 time / temperature event changes per day.
Burner on symbol. (Request for heat)
Easy access to the battery door and user friendly program usage.

Why a Wireless unit ?
Placement of the temperature controller in your home is important both for comfort and energy efficiency. You need to place it where you and your family spend most of your waking up or awake time and not next to the boiler.

Typically the room where the boiler is situated will always be warmer than the rest of the house. Most UK homes have the boiler installed in the kitchen where there are already enough heat sources (cooker, microwave, dryer, etc...) also there is ambient heat being generated by the boiler itself.

Some retrofits would require costly drilling through solid walls to achieve the perfect placement. With a wireless device there is no need.

As with any thermostat try to avoid placing the unit on a non insulated outside wall, where the unit may receive direct sunlight or in a drafty area otherwise you may end up with the other rooms controlled by the thermostat uncomfortably hot or cold and waste energy.

Not sure about Wired Vs Wireless ?
Choose a wireless product rather than wired if you have solid walls to penetrate to achieve the ideal placement of the sensor (thermostat).
Weigh up how much it would cost you to obtain a wired unit in the ideal spot of your home and then think about some of the pros and cons below.

Some Of The Pros
Much cheaper and less stressful than finding a contractor to drill holes and / or pull up floors, carpets through your home to achieve the ideal placement.

No unsightly conduit runs should you not be able to conceal the wiring

If you change the layout of your home and primary living space its easy to move the wireless unit (thermostat).

Optimum placement of the thermostat will provide better comfort and energy saving in the long run

Some Of The Cons
The range can be effected by the surrounding environment. Electrical, radio and physical.

The remote sensor (thermostat) is battery operated and will require replacement of the battery cells on average once every couple of years.

They may cost 2 or 3 times that of a conventional wired product

If you own a castle the radio signals may not be able to reach the receiver unit through the 3 foot granite block walls.
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